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Emily Foster is a self-taught interior designer from Albuquerque, NM.  She took her obsession for interiors and turned it into a thriving business 6 years ago.  Emily believes that a home needs to be lived in and functional, but needs to also be beautiful.  "I truly believe that happiness starts in the home.  Helping my clients rediscover their home again is my love language."  


Emily Foster Interiors offers not only interior design help with new-builds and remodels, but also helps clients organize and “reimagine” their current home.  


“Not every home has to lose a wall or have the backsplash torn out.  Sometimes all that the home needs is a refresh.  I love rearranging furniture, paintings and decor to different parts of the home.  It wakes up the home and gives it and the people that reside in it new energy.”


Interior design is like self care.  Treat yourself and book a consultation!


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